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the export council for medical industries

Jul 07, 2017 / 0 comments

Tunisian companies in the pharmaceutical industries

The exhibition of the Export Council of Medical Industries opened on Monday, 10/07/2017 in Cairo and continues for four days, where there has been a great presence for the divers from different countries of the world, for example: Tunisia, Algeria and Cote d'Ivoire. This course is characterized by the important participation of Tunisian companies in the pharmaceutical industries, especially that this sector is witnessing steady development, which indicates its importance towards the volume of exports of Tunisian medical materials and supplies, especially towards Africa.

This exhibition is considered one of the most prominent medical supplies exhibitions in which local companies are participating in the world and most importantly in the Middle East and Africa. This exhibition aims to enable the economic actors to conclude the largest number of agreements in the field of exporting medical supplies, The growth in the number of transactions of the Council's exports and the encouragement of trade exchanges in the pharmaceutical, medical and semi-medical sectors.

The Egyptian State seeks to encourage initiatives in this sector in order to open up foreign pharmaceutical markets, increase export volume and attract as many investors as possible from all over the world thanks to the incentives and incentives provided by the Investment Magazine.

The exhibition is an extension of the activity of the Tunisian-Egyptian Economic Chamber, which attaches special importance to the role of the private sector of both countries in further boosting the volume of trade exchanges and investment development in all sectors of economic activity.