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Role and Mission

The hall is also one of the most important commercial and industrial chambers in the region, based on its activities in Tunisia and Egypt to support big ,small and medium - sized company, revitalization and development of the " Investment and bilateral trade between the two countries and discussed new trio opportunities to invest in global markets. The work to overcome the difficulties that could hinder trade between the two countries, is also working on the development of the role of the private sector in the economy of the two countries.

Registration in the Economic Chamber is open to industrial and commercial enterprises, contractors,small,medium-sized enterprises and large landowners, traditional industries and liberal professions, chambers of commerce and private organizations professions in Tunisia and in Egypt.

The role of chamber:

*support efficiently the trade and the different component of the economic sector

*demonstrating different facilitations and markets resources in the two countries.

*presenting different economic operations and the ways to participate in commercial activities held in the two countries.

*presentation of advertisements about products and services of the members across through the website of the chamber with in competitive prices.

*providing its associated members to know commercial and investment opprtunities available in the two countries.