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Our members are making change and strengthening for a strong economic future, and they are the decision-makers who knock on their doorstep to build an economic reality that consists of the improvement, cooperation, interdependence between the two countries and to work with them to make it a double economy in which the future hopes of the two countries converge.
To enable participants and members to quickly access the best and accurate information on the location of the room and to display their products and enjoy the privileges granted, the Tunisian and Egyptian Economic Chamber has made available to numerous privileges, the most important are:

• The support of the Chamber of Commerce for businessmen at the Egyptian embassy to facilitate the obtaining of special visas.

• the support of the Chamber of Commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises and their projects in Tunisia and Egypt.

• Advantage of the coin to obtain ratifications of private commercial transactions related to exports.

• Display various economic processes and how to participate in trade events held in both countries through its site.

• Display different services offered to exporters and suppliers in both markets through Egyptian Tunisian Chamber of Commerce.

• Display of Members' products on the site and facilitate presentation on the Tunisian and Egyptian markets.

• Intensify the Tunisian meetings between the businessmen of the two countries and help them to find new investment opportunities.

• Help members identify potential partners

. • Protect the commercial interests of its partners by providing them with the necessary legal advice.

• Orient and educate Tunisian and Egyptian businessmen and investors who have investments in both countries.

• Add the Chamber of Commerce logo to the documents of your organization to facilitate contact and identification by our Egyptian partners

. • Provide legal advice and counseling at the request of company representatives or employers.

• Provide information and data on the economic and trade situation in both countries.